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Thread: Stevie Nicks "in your dreams"

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    STEVIE NICKS "in your dreams"

    ive never been a big fan of Fleetwood Mac but i love Stevie's vocals.
    i was a bit worried that Dave Stewart may have overproduced this one, as this is my general feeling of his Eurythmics era productions, but this is perfect, he understands what a SN album should sound like
    this is a good solid collection of tracks, a nice mix of the slow and raunchy rockers.
    the lyrics on the odd occasion seem corny but Stevie carries it off with her fine vocals, much the same as Meatloaf does.
    even with 13 tracks and a playing time of around 66 minutes the album does not fail to entice you with aural pleasures.
    this is destined to be one of the albums of the year and i wouldnt be surprised if this wins a Grammy or two next year.

    from the album:

    soldiers angel audio

    secret love video

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