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Thread: Is slow down music software good for guitar beginners?

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    Default Is slow down music software good for guitar beginners?

    I'm really a music lover though music doesn't like me in many occasions. I practice playing guitar and still it doesn't work until I cross on the free demo of Song Surgeon a slow down music software I learn the chords and solos of songs I like. With all of the improvements of music technology, a lot more individuals that wouldn’t normally have the ability to play the guitar, will now be able to find out a way to take part in the tracks which they always wanted to. I even now make the neighbours unsatisfied today with my obnoxiously loud electric guitar actively playing; nevertheless, undoubtedly I can play songs that essentially appear how they are meant to. Thanks to technology I won't keep my guitar on its case anymore waiting for someone to teach me.

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    One of the pluses of such technologies is the ability not to make your neighbors "unsatisfied" =). Electric instruments can play into your headphones without any exterior noise. That's a leap forward! =))

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    =)) kidding

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