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Thread: Share your special music memories or experiences that will remain with you forever !

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    Default Share your special music memories or experiences that will remain with you forever !

    I have an interesing personal story about The Allman Brothers.
    It was August 1971 in Montreal, Place d'Arts and 5,000 fans were impatiently waitng for this new group to appear on stage. Myself and everyone I knew had already raved over and played the heck out of Live at Filmore East.
    When the 'Brothers came on stage I realised they were obviously going to duplicate the Filmore concert ! So having listened to the album several times ( you did that in the olden days before the Internet) I knew exactly when it was time for Whipping Post. So like the record I hollered out " Whipping Post " and Berry Oakley immediaterly on cue started his rumbling bass intro. I felt so cool and 10 feet high. I couldn't believe it. Just a small thing but I'll always remember it.

    Of course I got to see the legendary Duane Allman before his accident. Incredible guitarist and awesome on slide....nuff said.
    So that album still has a very personal attachment. I also love live albums and isn't it odd that that album still remains one of the best along with several others from the late sixties and early seventies !!!!
    As a sidebar two guys and two gals went to Montreal initially to see Chicago at the Montreal Forum that summer. We visited the Expo'67 site where Place des Arts an outdoor amphitheatre is located and I started reading the entertainment signs - Allman Brothers, Alex Taylor (James and Livingstone's brother),Black Sabbath and Santana.

    We immediately sold our Chicago tickets within a half hour in downtown Montreal at a slightly reduced price from $12 to $10 I think ?
    Only caught Allman Brothers and Alex Taylor (good Southern rock solo act) but that was enough. Missed Sabbath and Santana as they weren't playing until later on in the month and besides we were broke.
    So that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

    I've also sat with Kiss without their makeup on a commercial flight from Moncton to Halifax when they were just getting started. I remember one of them saying they wanted to make enough money to open a chain of pizza stores or something to that effect. When they played Halifax in 1977 with Cheap Trick, I ended up backstage posing as a roadie until they caught on.

    Maybe I'll start a new thread - Music Memories That Will Last Forever or something like that.


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    Yet another Roger Waters mention from me...

    In 1981, a couple of days after my buddy Chris & I had seen Pink Floyd play The Wall live at Earls Court, we spent a day in London. The Floyd were still playing their run of five nights, and whilst we were walking through Trafalgar Square sporting our brand spanking new The Wall tour t-shirts, we walked straight past Roger Waters himself.

    Being a shy, spotty teenager, all I could muster was "Hello". He nodded towards our shirts, winked, and said "Hello", and we all carried on. I can remember being a bit stunned that he didn't float about on clouds, surrounded by angels, and was in fact a mortal human being.

    How I've regretted since not stopping to talk. Mavbe he would have been rude if we had, so praps it's best...
    "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture"


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