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    Many many moons ago in the early days of my membership of MD..........I introduced an album to the forum called........The American Dream by The American Dream.

    This album attracted some good comments from people on the forum and is indeed a lost classic.

    The Band became members of an American forum called The Rising Storm and members often contributed to that forum.

    I managed to link up with one of the original members of the band and persuaded him to dust off some of the tracks one the album and put them into digital form so I could hear them again.................we talked about a CD issue but I could not get them that far ( Yet ! )

    However the est of the band members came together and started to contribute to The Rising Storm.

    After a while, it became clear that one member was ill and was in quite a bad way.

    At this point the rest of the tracks became slowly digitized .

    Unfortunately, The bassist Don Ferris fell to cancer not long ago ............

    So, to raise money for the American Cancer Society, the digital versions of the tracks have been put onto a band members website and for the price of a donation are available to download...

    The url is

    So download, donate and enjoy this excellent lost album
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