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Thread: Hi everyone

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    Default Hi everyone

    hi guys i am new to this forum i hope you guys will welcome me
    i love you music from the classics to the current sound of today

    i can still watch diana ross perform and enjoy it as much as watching beyonce
    i love all genres of music, my favorite is r&b

    what is your favorite genre??

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    hello 'realmusic...', of course you are welcome here, we're a friendly bunch of music fanatics.

    as for "genres".... that term is my "pet hate", music is either good or bad in my opinion, i dont like to pigeonhole it any other way

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    yeah i agree i can listen to anything and thats a great way to put it
    i guess i just grew up listening to r&b and love songs, so i looove r&b and the emotions behind it
    but music is emotional period

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    we have numerous Americans on this site who may be interested to know where abouts you are from

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    welcome to our home rmop
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    Hi RealMusic, & welcome from me.

    If I have to pick a genre, I'd have to say Altenative Rock is where it's at.

    Hope you enjoy the site.
    "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture"


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    If it's music and it "hits" me I dig it ! I'm "supposed" to like Metallica but I've tried and tried to like them but they just don't do it for me. Maybe if I go to their live concert here (Halifax/Dartmouth,Nova Scotia,Canada) in July, then I'd appreciate them. Sometimes a live concert sheds an entire new light on an artist that didn't translate well on a studio album. That's why for the most part I prefer live albums if the band or artist actually dared to do a live album as it is definitely a hit or miss endeavour.


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