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    who here gets this feeling of wanting to listen to a song because its stuck in the head? sometimes i remember something in my head and so I give a listen again. In the underoath song ten friends and a crowbar, lyrics such as "oh, theyre acting on my words" and "we'll watch this burn together" were stuck in my mind. and some songs still play in my head after weeks since i last tuned in.

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    I had this feeling e.g. after watching Mulholland Drive for the first time. I couldn't stop thinking about Rebekah del Rio's "Llorando", the Spanish version of Roy Orbison's "Crying".

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    Sure see why that Latin piece would stay with you.Tough to get words and rhyme schemes to match cross-language (especially in as spare a song as that) but it was done superbly. Kudos to her and all involved.
    Now, my choice: << it takes a strong song and tasteful interpretation to make pure voice work
    BONUS ROUND: << cheated a bit--faint instrumental BG

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