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Thread: Can anyone give me some song feedback?

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    Default Can anyone give me some song feedback?

    My name is Kashy Keegan and I'm a piano singer/songwriter from the UK. I am eager to get feedback from people who genuinely enjoy inspirational / empowerment music on some of the songs that I have written.

    I have a music page -

    I have made one or two videos on Youtube to some of my songs as well. Including this song, 'Fly Like An Eagle.'

    If you enjoy discovering new music and inspirational songs that they seldom play on modern radio anymore, then please give me a listen!

    Thank you for your time!


    I have left your links in for the moment but it has to be clear that MD is not a page where self promotion is allowed we are simply a page for the discussion of music not its promotion ! In addition links of any kind are not allowed until you have achieved 10 posts
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    I thoroughly enjoyed your song 'Serenity' and think you are obviously quite clever at what you do. I thought the distant electric guitar that often played in the background was extraordinary and the pianowork was very well done. Do keep up the inspirational songwriting and I will be sure to listen to more of your work.

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    Firstly having a quick listen to your songs the quality of musicianship showed through, there isn't a bad song on your player and like the previous post i really liked "Serenity" the whole feel and sound of the song is spot on

    The only thing i would say is that a top noch production on these tracks would really benifit the whole sound not that i am saying there is anything too far rong with what you have however quality songs NEED a quality production


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    It sounds like an old Celine Dion's song in another key. I think the approach, the subjet matter, is not very original, and the vocals are not a selling point. It's OK, but not something to try to sell, unless it's done without true professional aspirations. Hope it wasn't to harsh.

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