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Thread: Anyone like inspirational songs?

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    Default Anyone like inspirational songs?

    My name is Kashy Keegan and I'm a piano singer/songwriter from the UK. I am eager to get feedback from people who genuinely enjoy inspirational / empowerment music on some of the songs that I have written.

    I have made one or two videos on Youtube to some of my songs as well. Including this song, 'Fly Like An Eagle.'

    If you enjoy discovering new music and inspirational songs that they seldom play on modern radio anymore, then please give me a listen!

    Thank you for your time!

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    Before, I didn't enjoy such songs. But the piano teachers in our school made me realize that it wasn't so bad after all. With my personal time, I do play on my piano with inspirational and it gives me peace of mind when I'm a bit stressed.
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