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    The band you don't know but you do! A band that has taken staple dance music, repackaged it, added a few esoterical influences and voila! A dance band that has been on top of their game for over ten years. Last years TO ALL NEW ARRIVALS was a slight disappointment, but kudos to them for branching out and trying new sounds. Insomnia still sounds as good as the day it came out. I saw them in London in March and they still kicked arse. Any fans?

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    I've been waiting for you to post about something I'm familiar with so that I can respond, Coykie.

    First got into Faithless a few years back, when Miss Tiggi played me Insomnia. That's still probably the best track I've ever heard for giving your speakers some exercise.

    They've now split following the recent tour ?!
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    Faithless is pretty amazing, gotta be said! we come one is 1 of my favs.

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