Hello my name is Nick.

I recently launched a music community website called CRUNKBOX.
We have a huge mix of genre on the site for a few reasons.

First cause it reflects my personality of having no specific preference.
But I do live in Austin, a town stocked with indie rockers and southern rockabilly style bands.. Yet - we at crunkbox love and support hip-hop.

I mean rappers are indie musicians that get shut out of the label for some silly reason. Therefore we gave the site a rap style name to represent that we are open to and love street chemistry sounds.
And now we work to develop promotions for everyone, and offer a badass online profile.

I would really appreciate anyone reading this post to swing by the site.
Possibly leave a user review of an artist. Buy a digital download if you should feel so inclined.

And if you are an artist - consider signing up!

Much thanks..