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    i got song from old tape and i need any one help me to tell me who sing this song? name of song?


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    Hi.Google search and Tunatic didn't show any result. What period was this song from? It sounds like some goth-rock ballad to me. Vocal reminds me on H.I.M.
    I can give you some advices regarding songs identification since I was in the same situation many times before. You can post the link of this song on some Q & A sites such as Answerbank, Answerbag, Yahoo Answers, Aol Answers, Ask Me Help Desk, Able?Know... This sites are as good as any music forum for this kind of thing. The forum people there helped me identify unknown music on many ocasions.
    You can also make an improvised video clip with this song and post it on youtube since there are a lot of this kind of clips there, made by people who are trying to identify unknown music.
    Still, I hope that someone will identify song on this forum and spare you further troubles regarding this matter. Good luck.

    Best regards

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