very nice voice
a little too nice
slow pace makes it a little drowsy after awhile
live clip is probably better than the recorded

Grade - 1.5

released May 3rd, 2011

from the album - Oo La La - 2.0

from all music


A charming folksinger, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist (playing the guitar, bass, harmonica, ukulele, and even kazoo from time to time), Priscilla Ahn was raised in rural Bernville, Pennsylvania. She started playing guitar at the age of 14 and performed in choirs and musical productions throughout high school. Following graduation, the burgeoning songwriter began playing open mikes in Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey while keeping her home in Bernville. Driving upwards of 80 miles for every show proved tiresome, however, and Ahn soon moved to L.A., where she became friends with fellow musician Joshua Radin after sharing a bill with him at the Hotel Cafť. Radin soon signed with Columbia Records and enlisted Ahn to tour with her, although she took time off to record a self-titled EP with producers Joey Waronker and Gus Seyffert.

In 2007, Ahn played a showcase in New York City for Blue Note Records and was promptly signed to the label. Blue Note released her full-length debut, A Good Day (also produced by Waronker and Seyfrett), the following June, and Ahn toured the country -- this time as a headliner -- while several songs from A Good Day worked their way into episodes of Grey's Anatomy, Ghost Whisperer, and other TV shows. After contributing songs to several compilations, including the Frank Sinatra tribute His Way, Our Way, Ahn began focusing on her second album. Songwriting sessions with Inara George, Sia Furler, Eleni Mandell, and Charlie Wadhams helped steer the music's intimate, whimsical direction, and Ethan Johns signed up to produce what eventually became 2011's When You Grow Up.

Album Review

Thereís no denying Priscilla Ahnís voice. Crystalline and pitch-perfect, itís the sort of classic-sounding soprano that belongs to an earlier decade, when folksingers wore flowers in their hair and sang songs about free love. Ahn is the product of a more current generation, but she fills her second album with songs that are just as timeless, from stripped-down Laurel Canyon folk tunes to lightly orchestrated chamber pop ballads. Thereís plenty of acoustic guitar here, as well as soft splashes of piano, lap steel, and strings, but Ahnís vocals are the focal point. She saturates When You Grow Up with double- and triple-tracked harmonies, and most of the songsí instrumental hooks are sung rather than played, creating a sound thatís ornate but still intimate. She duets with Charlie Wadhams on ďI Donít Have Time to Be in Love,Ē tips her hat to former collaborator Benji Hughes with a slow, sexy cover of ďVibe So Hot,Ē and co-writes with singers like Inara George, Sia Furler, and Eleni Mandell on some of the albumís best songs. Yet despite the heavy guest list, When You Grow Up still feels more personal than Ahnís 2008 debut, which found her dabbling in indie pop, torch songs, and Norah Jones-styled jazz. She focuses on folk this time around, consolidating her strengths while exploring every quirky corner of the genre.

Track Listing

1 When You Grow Up Ahn, Blanton 3:02
2 One Day I Will Do Ahn 4:16
3 Oo La La Ahn, Mandell 3:13
4 Vibe So Hot Hughes 2:25
5 City Lights (Pretty Lights) Ahn, George 3:23
6 I Don't Have Time to Be in Love Ahn, Wadhams 3:26
7 Cry Baby Ahn 3:14
8 Lost Cause Ahn 4:09
9 Empty House Ahn 4:26
10 I Will Get Over You Ahn, Furler 3:42
11 The Elf Song Ahn 4:16
12 Torch Song Ahn 5:24