rather surprised at this relatively high rating
not really a Motley Crue fan, but this works.
not crazy about the clip, but some good stuff on here.

Grade - 1.9

released May 3rd, 2011

from the album - Lies Of The Beautiful People - 1.5


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Formed in 2006 as an audio accompaniment to Mtley Cre bassist Nikki Sixx's autobiography The Heroin Diaries, Sixx: A.M. feature the talents of Sixx, vocalist James Michael, and DJ Ashba. The 13 tracks that make up The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack coincide with the book's chapters, painting a surreal musical portrait that utilizes the over the top theatrics of the '80s hair metal and glam rock scene, spoken word pieces, electro-industrial beats, and the occasional burst of circus music to tell the tale of Sixx's rise to stardom and legendary fall from grace. The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack was released on Eleven Seven Records in August of 2007.

Album Review

Nikki Sixx has turned Sixx: AM into audio accompaniment for his various book projects, first bringing them together to promote his 2006 memoir The Heroin Diaries and now reviving the group for his 2011 photo essay This Is Gonna Hurt. Sixx dips into autobiography on This Is Gonna Hurt, but the book is anchored in spooky black & white photos hes taken and the music on Sixx: AMs accompanying album of the same name intends to provide a twisted aural journey inspired by Sixxs photographs. Thing is, the 11 songs on This Is Gonna Hurt contain very little pain. There are some stylized excursions into streamlined L.A. goth, but for the most part this is anthemic arena rock that would feel right at home in the mouth of American Idol runner-up Chris Daughtry. Its a record that attempts to have it both ways: it flirts with pain but its gussied up for the widest audience possible, which is odd because theres absolutely nothing about this project, from its theme to its sound, that would appeal to somebody who wasnt already a Nikki Sixx diehard.

Track Listing

1 This Is Gonna Hurt Ashba, Michael, Sixx 3:56
2 Lies of the Beautiful People Ashba, Lowrey, Michael, Sixx 3:58
3 Are You with Me Ashba, Michael, Sixx 4:02
4 Live Forever Ashba, Michael, Sixx 4:55
5 Sure Feels Right Ashba, Michael, Sixx 4:09
6 Deadlihood Daly, Michael, Sixx 3:15
7 Smile Michael, Sixx 5:22
8 Help Is on the Way Ashba, Michael, Sixx 4:18
9 Oh My God Ashba, Michael, Sixx 5:35
10 Goodbye My Friends Ashba, Michael, Sixx 5:57
11 Skin Daly, Sixx 3:22