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Thread: What do you think abot Russia?

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    Talking What do you think abot Russia?

    I would like to discuss this topic
    What do you know about this country and what do you think about it?
    Have you ever been in Russia or have you ever visited russian websites at least ('ru' domain)?
    The rumors has it that people from USA and Europe have a lot of prejudices and biased opinions? Is it true?

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    ive read Karl Marx "communist manifesto" and IMO true 'socialism' will not and cannot ever work, it is however a great concept...but thats all it is, a concept.

    Q 1. from what ive seen and read about the country it is a fascinating place full of history,diversity in its people and cultures

    Q2. never been there, never been on Russian websites. i know people who have been there during the old Soviet days, a beautiful place by all accounts, the down side was the massive prescence of armed police/millitary everywhere they went, and the fact that they couldnt just look and travel where they wanted without permission of the authorities and needing permits for everything they did. apart from those downsides they did feel safe with the prescence of security forces constntly around them

    Q3. i think the West is prejudice and biased against the "east", but that is media and government propoganda, im sure the Russians/Soviets imployed the same tactics against the West, not so sure the bias is as prevelant now as it was during the Cold War, as the 'enemy' of the west is "islam" and vice-versa....its all crap IMO, the problems are caused by a few idiots at the top on both sides.
    basically, i dont care if you're Russian,Islamic,American,Black,White or long as you're a good person and live a good life without harming others.

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    ^ Some good points, Crazyman.

    I guess what most of us use to develop opinions regarding Russia would be the media, which is probably not the best source. Russia doesn't make the news that often in recent years, but my impression is that the country is still struggling to break out from the yoke of a pretty repressive regime, and is in the middle of the financial shock involved in that transition.

    I've never travelled to Russia, and have only met a few people who have. Never really tried Russian websites.

    Don't think there's necessarily a poor view of Russia any more in the West.

    I have read a couple of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn books which paint a fairly bleak picture of the middle of the twentieth century Russia.

    Interesting discussion...
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    A place I definitely wanna see.

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