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Thread: Recommend some Mother's Day songs~

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    Default Recommend some Mother's Day songs~

    With Mother's Day approaching, I plan to make dinner for my Mum and also pick up a good song for that special day. Which songs do you recommend?

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    Boyz II Men - A Song for Mama

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    Spice Girl - Mama I Love You

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    any of Eminem's dedications to his 'mum' LOL

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    B.J. Thomas - Mama
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    To be honest, I was looking for songs that show gratitude and appreciation for mom, but do also rock. There may be hundreds of songs about mothers out there. However, once you exclude ‘easy listening’ or songs that focus on why mom’s aren’t so great, or how great other people’s moms are, you are left with some songs about mothers that are.

    • Comedy – Lonely Island – Mother Lover
    • Pop Punk – Blink 182 – Mother’s Day
    • Comedy – Adam Sandler – Oh Mom
    • Alternative Rock – Loon Lake – In The Summer
    • Alternative Rock – Good Charlotte – Thank You Mom
    • Punk Rock – One Dollar Short – Unsung Hero
    • Rock – The Frames – God Bless Mum
    • Punk Rock – Brassknuckle Boys – For You Mom
    • Hip Hop – Kanye West – Hey Mama

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    Yep, that's a good song. Thank U~

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    Haha, thank u. I finally choose this song, the lyrics is really sweet~

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    OK, I can use these songs since my class will hold Mother's Day party. But I don't know about Eminem's songs that much.

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    Yeah, I really like the song "Thank You Mom"~

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