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    Hi all

    Well after 41 years on the planet I've decided to push those little annoying tunes in my head out into an audible form.

    My 13 y/o daughter challenged me to write a song, and, finish something in my life for a change that I started. So I did, and used her as the inspiration for the lyrics, and her voice.

    I 'm a bit confused about where to go from here and would love some tips if there are any on the song writing process. ANY feedback would be so appreciated. is my little project, and you have no idea how much courage it took to put it out in the open. Hell, I've never even been on a forum before. But how can I tell my daughter "You've got nothing to lose if you don't try it", if I don't do the same thing.

    Have a great day or night wherever you are in this crazy world.

    Tony Link left in but normally links are not allowed within the first 10 postings because there are people who spam this site and that is strictly against the philosophy of MD
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    Quote Originally Posted by tonejmaddox View Post
    the philosophy of MD
    Whoa, seems like this place got pretty sophisticated.

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    Hi Tony.

    Watched the video, and have to say this isn't my sort of music.

    Having said that, this seems of a pretty good standard, and if your video cropped up on a music channel on TV, I don't think I could tell it from the others, if that helps...
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    That was pretty pleasant - can't say I'm a fan of the voice effects but good on you for having a go!

    (as for the link..............I have no issue with it!)
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    nice enough tune, well done for having a go, i'd love to have "the balls" to do what you have done!!!

    i was so wrapped up in watching your link and replying to welcome you to welcome!!!!

    also for your information, we have a member here, "jerome" who writes and records his own material, im sure when he returns that he wouldnt mind advising or helping you with any questions you have.
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    yea, don't like the voice manipulation
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    Hey Guys!! I'm new as well. My name is Jon, I love all sorts of music but have been getting into more funny stuff.. Anyway, I listen to stuff ranging from beethoven til now. cheers!!

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    welcome to MD "jj"

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    kid grebo


    I'm new to this site, I love music and like to meet other music lovers as well.

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