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Thread: Avril Lavigne love?

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    Default Avril Lavigne love?

    What does everyone think of her song "What the Hell"? Admittedly, it's probably the most catchy thing I've ever heard from her, and I really like the song!

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    i lost interest in Avril after her very good debut album, "what the hell" has grown on me since first hearing it. dont think i'd go and buy the album though

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    Love the song.
    Think the album graded out considerably well for a pop artist.
    Own nothing by her but would consider that one at the right price.
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    Yeah, What the Hell really caught me off guard. Probably the best I've heard since her first album, maybe even better. Anyone ever seen her live?

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    no, never seen her live

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    I still like her first album especially the song Complicated.

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