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Thread: Hiya :-)

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    Smile Hiya :-)

    Hi all :-)

    Just wanted to say hello and quickly introduce myself :-)

    My name's Jen, I'm the singer/pianist/songwriter for Jen Stevens & The Hiccups. We're a blues/pop/folk/jazz (lol!) original band from South Shields, which is near Newcastle in the north east of England :-) We're all from different musical backgrounds, hence the rather eclectic genre round up lol :-) Lots of beautiful south, fleetwood mac, and swing leanings.

    I've just completed a degree in Jazz, Popular and Commercial music, and I'm starting up as a peri teacher this week! I though being part of an online community like this one would be beneficial, both personally and for the band :-)

    I look forward to talking to you all! Hehe :-)

    Jen x

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    Hi Jen, and welcome to MD.

    Hope you enjoy it here.

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    Cheers Tiggi :-)

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    Hello and welcome to MD

    Regards, Syn

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    I was scrolling through the Member list, looking for someone else and came across this woman. Much taken with the band name, I looked her up on YouTube. Very good indeed--I'm sharing a rather improvised session (a committed musician will find a way to contribute, as the drummer demonstrates). She hasn't posted in a while but their current output is worth your time--good songs, good playing and she has a very good voice: << do yourself a favor and look up more by them.
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