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Thread: Dylan/Costello gig

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    Default Dylan/Costello gig

    i went to the "west coast blues and roots" festival on the weekend, mainly to see His Bobness and Elvis.
    Bob was just Bob, did an hour and half set, mainly songs that dedicated fans would know, did do "tangled up in blue" & "hurricane", both classics IMO. I never expect much of Dylan, he's very hit and miss live,can be good or bad, i would consider the performance average, nothing special....but hey!, thats Bob! 6/10

    Costello on the other hand was brilliant as with each time ive seen him perform prior.
    did songs from his entire career from "olivers army" through a couple of tracks from his latest release "national ransom", finished with Nick Lowe's "(whats so funny 'bout) peace, love and understanding" 8.5/10

    Aaron Neville did a good job, not a big fan though. 7/10

    Blind Boys Of Alabama were also good, dont have any of their material 7/10

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    Dylan or Costello either one would be worth it just for the memory.
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    Glad you enjoyed it.

    I'd agree about BD, but I think it's worth seeing him even on an off day.

    Only seen EC once in the early days, and that was a phenomenal gig.

    Only have a couple of Neville Brothers albums, but I've always admired AN's voice.
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    His Bobness has recieved real bad reviews for his shows here in Australia on this festival/ solo shows tour.
    people whinging about the lack of 'classic' songs, lack of engaging with the crowd,performing songs differently from the 'original' recordings etc.

    IMO they are not Dylan fans making these complaints, as anyone who knows anything about him knows he rarely does his old songs live, the only ones he generally does is 'tangled up in blue' and 'hurricane', he rarely gives interviews and/or answers in more than one sylable when he does, and he always tampers with his songs fact its a well known fact his band members dont know his set list till just before they go on stage.....except on his recent trip to Vietnam and China where the authorities wouldnt let him go on stage till they vetted what he was going to perform.

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