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Thread: Barry Manilow - Best Adult Contemporary Artist?

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    Default Barry Manilow - Best Adult Contemporary Artist?

    Hi everyone - I work with Barry Manilow on his Facebook & Twitter, and wanted to see what people thought about his music. Dare I say best adult comtemporary artist of all time?

    Here is his Facebook which has a link to his new single "Bring On Tomorrow." Let me know what you think!

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    Hi AR................I always have respect for people who are in the public ere when they ask "The common (Wo)Man" what they think of their music...

    I have to be honest............I have been a music follower for some 40+ years and have tended to investigate that which interests or excites me ...........I have noticed Barry on my musical travels but he has often been at the periphery of my musical vision. In Barry's early days I was a young spotty who could only see rock music and so to me Barry was not cool ( Amazing how you can be wrong when you are young).
    However Barry has stood the test of time and has gone on to show that he has staying power and that is a sign of talent and ability. I can respect the fact that Barry has won the a claim of many of his peers and many have been peers who have a great track record and know what they are talking about.
    Barry also has a good collection of standards that are quickly associated with him and stamp him as an aratist onto the public consciousness.

    So although I m not directly a fan I feel that Barry has earned a place amoung musics well respected men and he has great talent.
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    Nice to be able to go back to trust and friendship!!!!!!!!!

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    Been a fan since Mandy, but must admit, not big on the covers he is into now.
    Have done reviews here on the site for most of his other albums.

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    He's never done much for me.

    Is his nose as large as reputed ??
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    welcome to MD...

    OK, like Gryphon i was into "rock" back in the day and BM just wasnt "cool" to admit to liking...guessing i was in the closet????

    however over the last twenty or so years i have grown to respect him as a writer and performer, am only just seeking out his material on cd now.
    he has numerous songs that "have stood the test of time" very well.

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    I freakin' love Barry Manilow (and have no shame about it)

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    Red face

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I'm glad people can agree that Barry has stood the test of time with a career spanning over +35 years. He just enjoyed a successful one year in Vegas, and has a new album release in June (which will be more than just covers). I am working with other artists as well, so hopefully I can be helpful in this forum and share my insight!

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