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Thread: Issue of illegal music downloading

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    Default Issue of illegal music downloading

    Good evening!

    I am French student and, as part of my master thesis, I am conducting a research regarding the opinion of the consumers about the issue of illegal downloading.
    Could you please take a few minutes to answer the following questionnaire? (Available in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German)
    Feel free to forward it to your contacts.
    Thank you in advance!

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    Interesting survey! As someone working on social media with artists like Barry Manilow, Tom Wopat, Lorna Luft, and Matt Dusk - I would like to hear your results.

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    Haven't done the survey, but- the big acts don't suffer so much as the little or in-betwixt ones, of course. The Stones or AB/CD or Sony can afford to go after people n' shut them down if they want. This keeps the lower artists exactly where they are - lower income, and I think the plan is to keep it that way indefinitely. I'd think twice about DLing tunes from an act that is not established, but the junk stores are full of billions of records, cds and tapes of this music, for pennies. I can't see paying full price for it a third time, personally.

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