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    Hey everyone! My name is Kyle Schiffli and I am an independent composer, producer, and musician. I recently released my first album "Music?" over the internet and it is available on my facebook fan page for FREE! As a new artist, I am in need of any feedback I can get on my work! If you could, give my music a listen and tell me what you think!

    Kyle Schiffli

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    The link can stay, but please remember this site's purpose is not promotion...
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    The biggest difficulty in being an independent artist or band is publicity, promotion and getting exposure. But if you promote your music in proper way then you put in less hard work and make a great amount of extra money on internet.So you should follow different methods like forum,write blogs on your music,internet radio promotion etc...

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    the really difficult thing about auto-promotion is accessing the kind of audience that is interested in your kind of music ... often perhaps it is difficult to figure out the kind of audience itself in the first place ... all depends in the end from your genre of music ...

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    Hey, I listened your music. It should not need a drastic change but there are certain up and down in the music that should be taken care of. Rest is ok.

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