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Thread: Does anyone Like Folk Metal

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    Default Does anyone Like Folk Metal

    I am wondering does anyone like Folk Metal and Have music from Bands Like
    1. Finntroll
    2. stormwarrior
    4. forgottontales
    5. Elvenking
    6. spellblast
    8. Celtic Legacy

    that can send me some PANDO ONLY albums from these Bands

    I am wondering Does anyone like the music of
    1. Mushroomhead
    2. Opeth
    that can send me some PANDO ONLY albums from these Bands

    If you know the answers please message me

    I am also looking for some Friends that like Metal music that would like to be my email pen pal that can answer short letters with questions like for example:
    1. Do you have any pets?
    2. Do you like music?
    3. What type of music do you like?

    If you would like to be my pen pal please message me


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    I think Eluveitie's Evocation 1 - The Arcade Dominion is one of my favorite albums of all time !!!
    I also like Moonsorrow - check 'em out.

    As for the masters - Opeth...they are also one of my class acts. They're never boring and they are always fresh.
    As you can see I'm into all kinds of music.


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    I love Folk Metal as well. My favourites are Ensiferum, Forefather, Catuvolcus, Equilibrium, Manegarm, Moonsorrow, Bran Barr, and Gallowbraid. I wasn't totally sure to post some others, since they may be more Black Metal than Folk Metal, though I already posted some with a pretty large Black Metal influence.

    Anyways, probably my favourite Folk Metal vocalist has to be Erik Grawsio from Manegarm. I think his performances on the albums Dodsfard, Vredens Tid, Urminnes Havd, and Vargstenen were all phenomenal. He has great harsh vocals, clean vocals, and semi-harsh vocals. From one moment he can sound extremely aggressive and full of adrenaline, then the next he can be singing an awesome melodic folk melody. Though he doesn't have the range of some Power Metal vocalists, his range is quite respectable. Though I think his vocals quite deteriorated leading up to their most recent album from 2013 called Legions of the North where his performance wasn't even close to what it used to be.

    I also like all of the other bands' whom I listed's vocalists a lot, but Manegarm's vocalist was the one that really stood out as being something really unique, special, and worth noting of the ones among them. I'm quite curious to see what anyone else's favourite Folk Metal vocalists are, and what they think of my favourite.
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