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Thread: Hmm what do you all think ?

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    Default Hmm what do you all think ?

    Alright my fellow musicians, I came up with this idea from watching another streamer on Justin.Tv .. and I'm thinkin of putting on a show this summer and then through the year as well that will be all about music theory , history , instruments, performances and more ! all with one weekly show designated to each section.. So for example.. Thursday could be the day I discuss a Blues scale in detail and show examples of how it is used, then friday i can show you some history in the classical time period! and it would all be LIVE on , that way all the viewers can interact and guide the show ! Let me know what you think!

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    nice idea CSP,
    just a word of advice cannot post links until you have posted 10 posts otherwise they will be deleted, so get to 10 posts and we'll see if what you suggest fits the site?...good luck!!!

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    Good Idea
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    I appreciate your Idea, I think you must try it.

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