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Thread: Rebecca Black - Friday (witch-hunt in modern society)

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    Exclamation Rebecca Black - Friday (witch-hunt in modern society)

    So, guys, I have seen very many opinions about this song.
    I've seen, what different people from different parts of english-speaking world wrote hate comments.

    Yeah, guys, I know, that that song is very weak. But it was sung by just 13-year girl. I even don't ask you, how you sang when you was 13-year, because it would be, in some degree, silly.

    Don't you think, that expression of aggression of many people looks like... Wait, what is in history like this? Aaahhh..., exactly! It's witch-hunt. Don't you think, burned women were really witches? The most part of them were defenseless women and girls. Maybe, all societies can't just live if no one of this society will be a victim? People thought earlier that sacrifice helps harvest, then they thought that gods mercy... But, actually, they just wanted to see how live human became dead human.

    So, when I see more than 1 million grown-up people bullied just one little girl in comments, I think dark ages are returning

    Rebecca Black is just a baby. Only one thing she wanted is you would be happy. So if she loses, it doesn't mean she must be victim of modern internet witch-hunt.

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    Never heard it, so no opinion.

    Witch-hunts are never pretty, but I've no idea what manner of aggression has been voiced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiggi View Post
    I've no idea what manner of aggression has been voiced.
    So, there is almost one million hate-comments (including calls for a suicide). CNN and BBC wrote about this already, but when I've seen it myself, it unpleasantly surprised me, cause the most of the people are elder than girl
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