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Thread: Who else LOVES PANDORA??

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    Default Who else LOVES PANDORA??

    I am ALWAYS on pandora lately, on my computer and on my phone haha I am seriously so obsessed with it! I've discovered so many good artists from it, which is the number one reason I love it so much. The last one I found was Kate Earl and man this girl can sing. I keep watching the video of "Melody" on her myspace. Shes playing the piano and singing live. Definitely shows how talented she is. Has anyone else heard of her? What do you think about her?__________________________

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    Default Emm

    no feelings

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    Well, they are nice..

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    *sigh* I think Pandora hates me. All it ever plays are the well known tracks from my favorite artists -___- and it plays them over and over and over again. Of course, you can only skip a certain amount of times,... so that makes it worse. Let's see what's currently playing .. A Day in the Life. Nice, I've only heard that one about 5 million times XD *sigh* Oh look Stairway to Heaven.. another new one ;P

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    Quote Originally Posted by greyan View Post
    Well, they are nice..
    yes of course buddy.

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