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Thread: New musical genre/style ''Embers Breaks''

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    mONo BKT

    Default New musical genre/style ''Embers Breaks''

    ''Embers Breaks''

    It's basically about drum's.

    The music is created in 145 bpm so IT IS NO Big beat, Drum & Bass , Breakbeat or Jungle.

    The drums are specifically made whit many ''sticks'' and ''snare rollings'' what create this fast aspect of the track at 145 bpm.

    Why the name ''Embers Breaks'' ?

    My big brother aleways call me ''Pecavi'' as music artist which means fire/flamme and for me music ( a song ) is like an embers that burn till the end ...

    Creator/Founder: mONo BKT

    To check the sounds go to soundcloud ----> mONo BKT

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    Never hear this before. i will try.

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