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    "Sometimes I wonder what it would be like for everything inside me that's denied and unknown to be revealed. But I'll never know. I live my life in hiding. My survival depends on it."

    Such a great show. Both of the seasons released so far have been fantastic. The character developement is great as well. Anyone watch this? I don't have Showtime, but I watched the season online. Worth doing. The show is about a forensic scientist who lives in Miama. He has a whole secret life where he kills murderers who escape the grasp of the police. Probably my favorite show at the moment. Check it out if you haven't already.

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    Is that the show which has the guy from Six Feet Under in it ??

    Living in the UK, this'll probably be broadcast soonish.

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    Yep. That's the one. At first, I wasn't sure how he would be in this show, but now I respect him a lot more as an actor.

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