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Thread: the best new artist is?????......Destenee biach lol

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    Exclamation the best new artist is?????......Destenee biach lol

    ok i just met this girl named destenee n shes the shizznit lol... She writes and produces all of her own music and she plays guitar n piano. I saw her perfom at school n shes super cool 2. Her music is freakin dope as hell, its like rock electronic and pop but real meolodic... This grl is gonna b big just thought u guys sholuld no check her out (Link removed) shes alctually sings about things i can relate 2... Fuk rihanna this girls the new ish! Sooo what do u guys think?
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    hey our sn and opinions are similar ;-) lol this may be love... shes pretty good. i like her voice alot & her music... by the way i love to dance in my undies too

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    lol yeah no1 admits it bt every1 dances around naked wen they get out tha shower

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