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    "Paper Tongues is an American rock band from Charlotte, North Carolina. The band consists of Aswan North (lead vocals), Devin Forbes (guitar), Joey Signa (guitar), Daniel Santell (bass guitar), Jordan Hardee (drums), Clayton Simon (synthesizer keys), and Cody Blackler (rhode keys).[1] Their sound is described as fusing rock n' roll melodies with hip hop beats, and includes elements of rock, funk, rap, and soul.[2] Their debut album was released on March 30, 2010.[3]"

    "The group formed in 2007 in Charlotte, North Carolina, when a few musicians with very different musical backgrounds decided to start a band. After playing together for a while, they started work on their debut album. Paper Tongues ran into world-renowned producer Randy Jackson, this encounter leading him to become the manager of the band. Since this event, the group has toured with bands such as Jet, Switchfoot, Flyleaf, as well as headlined their own tour with the Crash Kings. Paper Tongues has also opened a show for Muse. They opened up for bands Switchfoot and Parachute at Nascar's 2010 Rev'd Up concert, as well as Our Lady Peace and have also appeared on George Lopez's Lopez Tonight and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Their song "Soul" is currently featured on Halogen TV's Fall 2010 promo video. On Saturday February 12th, 2011 they served as the headliners for WFLZ's popular "Meet Ball" concert in Tampa, FL. They opened for Linkin Park during the A Thousand Suns Tour for their shows in Dallas, Houston, and Phoenix."


    These guy's are great, newer band just heard them a few months ago on a radio station in Dallas(89.7 I think?). They bring a pretty new sound to my ears (on some of their songs that is), especially in today's mainstream industry. Opened for Muse, being this new that's a pretty phenomenal thing to do. I was watching an interview with Randy Jackson, talking about how they just so happened to run into him at a restaurant and the lead singer just walked up to him and gave him the bands my-space page and his cell number and said hey man I really think you need to listen to my band. I think you would dig our music. Very ballsy thing to do. I'll post a few links to some of my favorite songs by them as well as listing them. I try and base my musical library off of irregular musical genre's and bands in general, just added another. -Ride To California -Soul -Rich and Poor -Everybody -What If -Get Higher

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