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    Smile Kind of random

    Metalheads + others

    how are you all?

    just wondering what other hobbies people are in to (other then music). i sketch everything, tattoos, hands, people, still life, surreal, fantasy. the list unfortionately goes on. not that good but there we go, however a couple of my freinds have had some of my tattoo designs inked. very willing to design one for any who wants (i dont charge)

    i enjoy watching films all sorts, my fav is pulp fiction, but recently watched planet terror, which was very good.

    i dont read much but i am reading dante's divine comedy atm, just finished inferno. me likes it very much .

    dont watch alot of tv, it bores me i think the person who decided to continue with the Big Brother series should be hung, drawn and quatered. (i dont like it much)

    anyway that all i write

    Rock On, Its the only way to live

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    Good idea Syn... But then again, you are the 'Proper Good Thread Starter'

    Now don't laugh everyone. But I also build and fly model flying rockets. To which I am experienced at flying high powered rockets and even designed my own in previous years.

    I also am a mad nutter forbuying DVD's and currently have over 150 in my collection, good and some not so good buys. My favourite would have to be some of the recent TV series, like Rome and The Sopranos.
    With Regards...


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    I like to beat my children.

    .........okay I don't but I don't have any proper hobbies and wanted to be included ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syn View Post
    i enjoy watching films all sorts, my fav is pulp fiction
    Really good film

    I've began drawing pretty much anything as well during classes because they get really boring

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    I'm currently learning how to cook so I can work as a chef

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