Current members
Brendon Urie lead vocals, guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, piano (2004-present)
Spencer Smith drums, percussion (2004-present)
Current Touring
Ian Crawford - Lead guitar, backing vocals (2009-present)
Dallon Weekes - Bass guitar, backing vocals, synthesizers (2009-present)


This is Panic at the Disco's new album Vices & Virtues. I just got it this morning and listened to it about twice today, and if you like the bands first album your going to love this one. They went back to the completely original sound they created back in 2005. The band has always had a sound including alot of ambient noise, also sort of centered around folklike sounding instruments. These are some of the songs I enjoyed off of the album, listed below: -Balld Of Mona Lisa -Always -Sarah Smiles (Favorite)