some nice tracks but just misses

Grade - 1.6

released Mar 15th, 2011

from the album - Machine Age Dancing - 1.5

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Both an experimental indie rock ensemble and an art collective, Edinburgh, Scotland-based Found document and give a catalog number to each project they release, whether working as a rock band or in the artistic realm. Originally formed in 2001 while the members were all studying at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen, Found first drew attention for several art installations. In 2005, members Ziggy Campbell, Tommy Perman, and Kevin Sim put together a band to play an art opening. The following year, Found released their debut album, Found Can Move. Found continued to be involved in several multimedia art events, including 2006's BBC Electric Proms and the Cybraphon "robot band," which won a BAFTA in 2009. In 2011 Found released their sophomore album, Factorycraft, on Chemikal Underground.

Album Review

To say that Found's 2011 sophomore effort, Factorycraft, is less experimental than the Scottish trio's 2006 debut, Found Can Move, is to assume that they were really all that experimental in the first place. Yes, Found are also known for their multimedia art installations such as the Cybraphon "robot band" which won a BAFTA in 2009. That said, Found Can Move was about as experimental as any Beta Band release, and pretty much showcased the band's inclination for groove-oriented melodic rock with some interesting field recordings and electronics thrown into the mix. The biggest change on Factorycraft is Found's move from that more groove-oriented sound toward a more folk-rock and melodic pop direction. In that sense, the tracks here are often atmospheric and expansive, falling somewhere in between the rambling melodicism and literate musings of Pavement and the echoey folk-rock of the Shins. To these ends, you get the nervy, stripped-down Billy Bragg-meets-Paolo Nutini lead-off cut "Anti-Climb Paint," and the band's rootsy take on the Killers' brand of post-punk uplift "I'll Wake with a Seismic Head No More." Similarly engaging are such tracks as the big-beat, '60s-meets-indie-electronic cut "Machine Age Dancing," and the yearning, shoegazey mid-album cut "Shallow." In fact, the album is so good that you may even be able to forgive such fruity latter album indulgences as "You're No Vincent Gallo" and the Devo-esque nerd-bossa of "Every Hour That Passes." Ultimately, while it is clear based on Factorycraft that Found aren't the same band you'd expect to hear playing at an art opening anymore, they are a band you might be pleasantly surprised to run into at a local pub, and that's something a lot harder to find.

Track Listing

1 Anti Climb Paint Campbell 2:42
2 I'll Wake with a Seismic Head No More Campbell, Perman, Sim 4:20
3 Machine Age Dancing Campbell, Perman, Sim 3:32
4 Blackette Campbell 2:47
5 Shallow Campbell 5:51
6 Lowlandless Campbell 4:09
7 You're No Vincent Gallo Campbell 3:22
8 Johnny I Can't Walk the Line Campbell, Perman, Sim 5:01
9 Every Hour That Passes Campbell 3:16
10 Blendbetter Campbell 5:34