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Thread: Good songs that have annoying parts.

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    Default Good songs that have annoying parts.

    What are some songs you like but have that one part or thing that makes you cringe for a second?

    'Rainy Day In June' by the Kinks does this to me. Love the song, but when they go into the chorus singing 'Everybody Felt The Rain', they have a couple loud thunder crashes that just kills it. It sounds so cheesy, but I love the song besides that.

    'The Pinnacle' from Kansas is another one. I think the song is epic until about the 5:25 mark when they have a jam break and the synthesizer starts going off like a bad 'Star Wars' sound effect. Just that one part kills the serious factor for me.

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    The new Verve comeback song from a few years ago springs to mind. Was ruined by this daft 'oh ah oh ah' vocal in the background.
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    Corey Hart singing "Sunglasses at Night" It has one of the worst guitar solos I've ever heard. Totally ruins the song.

    An older tune by Blood, Sweat & Tears called "Spinning Wheel" - it has the most stupid tootley-toot carousel-type ending which completely ruins an otherwise fantastic song. I made a mixed CD with this song on it and completely edited that ending out. What the hell were they thinking?

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    I've been searching for good rock/metal female singers and I happened to stumble upon Magali Luyten(who is friggen amazing btw)and her band Beautiful Sin.
    Started to listening to the first song that popped up on youtube and it was "The Spark of Ignition". Everything went well and I was enjoying Magali's amazing voice and suddenly the chorus kicks in, and it was just terrible, atleast for my ears.
    It was the band members chanting a melody, the melody itself was okay but why it had to be chanted by the band members, whyy?

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