Sonic Youth written all over this one
some likeable tracks but just misses the list

Grade - 1.6

released Mar 8th, 2011

from the album - Sister Joan - 2.0

from all music


Richard Myklebust (of Stereo 21) teamed up with Linn Frøkedal and Njål Clementsen (of Low Frequency in Stereo), and Fredrik Vogsborg (of Casiokids) to form Megaphonic Thrift in 2008. As contributors to the noise-pop scene of Bergen, Norway, making keen melodies punctuated by wailing feedback was a natural progression for the members, and in November of that year, they released their first 7", “Acid Blues/Mad Mary." It wasn’t long before Megaphonic Thrift inked an international deal with Deadly People Records and released their first EP, A Thousand Years of Deconstruction, which was released at the end of 2009. After switching over to Hype City, and playing big shows at EuroSonic, International Live Music Contest, and SxSW, the group delivered their debut full-length, Decay Decoy, in early 2011.

Album Review

The name may bring the Polyphonic Spree to mind, but when Norway’s the Megaphonic Thrift started becoming popular in the States in 2010, critics consistently compared the group to Sonic Youth. The similarities are hard to ignore. Both bands share a similar lineup -- a female bassist (Linn Frøkedal) singing next to a guy with a drowsy drawl playing choppy chords on his Fender Jaguar (Richard Myklebust) while a second guitarist fans the fire with squalling dissonance, as a steady yet explosive drummer keeps it all in line. Even if ‘90s rock is an obvious touchstone, this take on the past style is done impeccably on Decay Decoy, making it a solid debut, filled with songs that manage to blend disheveled indie rock grit with straightforward pop melodies. In fact, the Megaphonic Thrift are so apt at filtering the best parts out of the glory days of noise pop, dream pop, and shoegaze that any beefs about originality will probably be drowned out by the album’s thrilling hooks.

Track Listing

1 The Undertow Megaphonic Thrift, Myklebust 3:54
2 Talks Like a Weed King Megaphonic Thrift, Myklebust 3:21
3 Neues Myklebust 4:40
4 Sister Joan Megaphonic Thrift, Myklebust 4:43
5 Candy Sin Megaphonic Thrift, Myklebust 5:56
6 You Saw the Silver Line Megaphonic Thrift, Myklebust 5:32
7 Dragon vs Dust Megaphonic Thrift, Myklebust 4:52
8 Mad Mary Megaphonic Thrift, Myklebust 4:39
9 Queen of Noise Megaphonic Thrift, Myklebust 5:38