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    One of the best places to find out about new music is on blogs. What are some of your favorites? I check the following at least once a week:

    Philip Sherburne - My favorite music journalist's blog
    modyfier - This blog features many guests as well as the main writer's thoughts on the process of making music.
    Little White Earbuds - Reviews of new records and podcasts
    mnmlssg - commentary and lots of mixes for download
    allez-allez - the blog of two of the most fun DJs from the UK. Lots of mixes and event news (if you live nearby).

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    Great thread.

    I'd like to add my blog haha. I update every day and I release electronic tracks on it every day as well. Anything from House to DnB is covered.

    So come check it out at and bring friends!

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