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    Hello everyone! Much people who I talked to said that I have a wicked music taste, so that's why I chose this nickname. I like to hear pretty much everything. I have three criteria which I judge when hearing music: voice, music, content. That also means if a song has an amazing content, but no kind of music I like or an fascinating voice, I still like it.

    Probably that's why some people say I have a wicked music taste. To be concrete:
    I like pop, dance, monk song (especially with tenor singers), rock, metal, r & b, rap, jazz, classic and probably I still missed some genres. But I don't love everything in every category - as I said, it depends. I still have some tendencies - one is for example that I seldom like hardrock songs. But I could never eliminate a category as totally absurd. If you look at my cd collection, you'll find classic next to eminem next to nightwish next to alicia keys next to musical hits next to rammstein next to rihanna and so on. Is that wicked?

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    uh, yes, that is wicked.
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    Hello Wicked & welcome to MD.

    Liking music from all styles is a good foundation as far as I'm concerned. With you on that one.

    Hope you enjoy the site.
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