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Thread: Shinedown Anyone?

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    Default Shinedown Anyone?

    I am not too familiar with this band, but what I have heard is at least considerable for a more mainstream group. They may not be the most 'original,' but they can offer something harmonious enough to float away on. Does anyone else find them tolerable?

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    sorry, never heard of them???, but i've written them down in my "MD" notepad to check out next time im on youtube

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    Personally I love Shinedown, I'll try to breakdown some of the bands stuff for you.

    "Shinedown is an American rock band from Jacksonville, Florida, formed in 2001 and founded by members Brent Smith (vocals), Brad Stewart (bass), Jasin Todd (guitar), and Barry Kerch (drums). A few line-up changes followed, and the band's current line-up consists of Smith and Kerch, the band's only two remaining original members, with guitarist Zach Myers and bassist and pianist Eric Bass. Since Shinedown's inception, they have released three albums – Leave a Whisper (2003), Us and Them (2005), The Sound of Madness (2008) – and a total of thirteen singles, all on Atlantic Records. They have sold over 8 million albums worldwide." - Wikipedia (

    Leave a Whisper (2003–2005)
    A few personal favorites from the album: - 45 - Acoustic version of 45 -(Tribute to a great artist)-Simple Man -Burning bright

    Us and Them (2005–2007) - Save me -Beyond the sun -Heroes

    The Sound of Madness (2007–present) (This album was a little more centered towards hard rock/metal. While still having some acoustic songs) -What a shame ( My favorite song by the band) -Sound of madness -The crow and the butterfly

    If you enjoy a nitty gritty type of southren style rock this band is for you, I personally enjoy them. (If you like the style, a band named The Showdown are very similar) I also think I should add, the band was far from mainstream up until 2009 when The Sound Of Madness came out. These guy's were just another band struggling to make it...
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    great post Schmidty
    keep em comin
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    ^ Exactly what I was going to post. MH beat me to it...
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