Liam Gallaghers new group
shoulda kept his day job

Grade - 1.4

released Mar 1st, 2011

from the album - The Roller - 2.0

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British alt-rock outfit Beady Eye formed in 2009, several months after the rivalry between Oasis siblings Liam and Noel Gallagher reached a boiling point at a summer festival, resulting in Noel's departure and the band's dissolution. That fall, Liam and three of his former Oasis bandmates -- Gem Archer, Andy Bell, and Chris Sharrock -- booked studio time with producer Steve Lillywhite to begin work on a new album, with plans to release the first single under their new moniker in November 2010. Different Gear, Still Speeding followed in early 2011, marking Beady Eye's debut and earning warm reviews on both sides of the Atlantic.

Album Review

Common sense never counted for much within Oasis. Everything that should have come easily never did, with the band stumbling and squabbling through stardom, creating great individual moments but somehow just missing a masterpiece. Conventional wisdom painted the brothers Gallagher as ego and id incarnate, the former belonging to classical craftsman Noel and the latter to shaggy animal Liam, but after the groupís 2009 split the journeymen that filled out the rest of Oasis stuck with the younger Gallagher, the quartet going on to perform as Beady Eye, releasing Different Gear, Still Speeding in early 2011. In a sense, this Steve Lillywhite-produced debut contains few surprises: it sounds like Oasis minus Noel, who always was the Gallagher on easier terms with modern music, meaning that Liam ratchets up his love of the Ď60s, going so far as to swipe the chord progression from ďAll You Need Is LoveĒ for ďThe Roller.Ē So why does Different Gear, Still Speeding feel fresher than any Oasis album since (Whatís the Story) Morning Glory?, even their excellent last two records, Donít Believe the Truth and Dig Out Your Soul? Because this is an Oasis driven by Liam, the purest rock & roll star of his generation. Heís so sure of his swagger and taste that he truly believes that blatant hero worship is rebellion, and so his music actually retains a wild spirit even as it follows a classicist blueprint to the letter. This untrammeled rock & roll gusto makes the bulk of Different Gear pure fun in a way the carefully considered post-Morning Glory records never were, and it also means that Beady Eye arenít quite as sure-footed on their ballads: they are a band of instinct, not introspection, and listening to them follow Liamís id throughout Different Gear, Still Speeding is infectious.

Track Listing

1 Four Letter Word Archer, Bell, Gallagher 4:16
2 Millionaire Archer, Bell, Gallagher 3:20
3 The Roller Archer, Bell, Gallagher 3:35
4 Beatles and Stones Archer, Bell, Gallagher 2:57
5 Wind Up Dream Archer, Bell, Gallagher 3:29
6 Bring the Light Archer, Bell, Gallagher 3:39
7 For Anyone Archer, Bell, Gallagher 2:16
8 Kill for a Dream Archer, Bell, Gallagher 4:39
9 Standing on the Edge of the Noise Archer, Bell, Gallagher 2:53
10 Wigwam Archer, Bell, Gallagher 6:39
11 Three Ring Circus Archer, Bell, Gallagher 3:09
12 The Beat Goes On Archer, Bell, Gallagher 4:45
13 The Morning Son Archer, Bell, Gallagher 6:05