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    MXP4 is a cool new digital format that enables an artist to create variations of a song by integrating "skins," or interpretations into a track. Check it out at

    Be part of a new movement, express your imagination and get ready to be surprised and delighted by what you experience and hear!

    Let me know what you think.

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    by integrating 'skin's? I don't get it.
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    A "skin" is a different version of a song.

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    It's an interesting concept. Sound quality is fantastic, but the files are rather large. I assume the more versions contained in a file, the larger the file?

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    What's the point of doing this anyway. Composers spend countless hours crafting the work in a studio and spend a fortune processing all the different parts to get it to the point where it matches their vision. Then some twerp comes along with a bit of software and screws it all up without a thought as to the dynamics/mood of the piece. It's like taking a painting like the Mona Lisa and deciding to change he colour of her eyes or something. Pointless and short-sighted. Wish people would not constantly bugger around with other peoples work and go and create something of their own. But of course that would actually require effort and work........

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