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Thread: Best City to Start a Band.

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    Default Best City to Start a Band.

    Hey guys, I'm Malcolm, and I play guitar and other stuff. I'm currently waiting to whether or not i've been accepted to The Berklee College of Music. If i get in, I'm going there. BUT, if I don't, I want to put a band together, move somewhere, and really give the business a serious try. The question on my mind though, is where? What city has the most small venues, cheap housing, and has the best live music scene in general? The band would be kind of an experimental folk band (as stupid as that sounds), so on the chiller side of things. Because of this i was thinking Seattle or Portland. Any suggestions are welcome, as well as any advice/anything. Thank you!

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    cant really help with thelocation thing mate, i live in Australia, the cost of living is pretty good here, and theres plenty of live venues...but IMO bands really have to leave these shores and relocate to Europe or USA to make it

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    Default Where to start a band

    Amsterdam !

    The Netherlands has an near unrivaled cafe music scene.
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