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    Default new.

    hi. i'm new.

    i love music to death and i'm actually pretty serious about it. i wouldn't mind having a career in it and i'm considering theory/composition as a prospective major.

    i listen to many things. too many things of too many genres to list here right now. i have astonishingly eclectic taste, and even i don't know what i'll like. i'm generally not picky though; i detest a few musicians and obsess over a few, but most fit in the 'just ok' catagory for me. that means i won't dismiss the music i don't like as crap (for the most part...unless they really are crap), nor will i screw up my eyes and plug my ears and complain intensely like some obnoxious people do. also, my favorite musicians constantly change. my favorite band as of late, however, can be guessed rather easily from my screenname, that is if you listen to the band as well :D

    p.s. are we allowed to swear? the agreement DID say no obscenities, but i will be severely disappointed if we can't swear...they're just words, after all, and sometimes they're the only appropriate ones.

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    welcome to MD. I am sure you will fit in with us bunch.
    With Regards...


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    Hi Radiohead fan, and welcome to Music Discussion.

    Radiohead are amongst my favourites, so it's good to have you on board.

    Regarding the swears, just avoid using the worst of them and I'm sure you'll be fine.

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