nothing stood out here.
or did it all stand out?
things that make you go hmmmmm.......

Grade - 1.7

released Feb 15th, 2011

from the album - On The Corner - 2.0

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Although launched as a side project during Greg Dulli's time with the Afghan Whigs, the Twilight Singers became Dulli's main band after the Whigs broke up in 2001. Dulli formed the group in 1997, while the Afghan Whigs were busy extracting themselves from a contract with their third label, Elektra. Enlisting a group of musicians -- including Harold Chichester of Howlin' Maggie, Shawn Smith of Brad, the Screaming Trees' Barrett Martin, and a group of New Orleans session players -- Dulli recorded a concept album entitled Twilight as Played by the Twilight Singers. By the time the album was finished, though, the Whigs had signed to Columbia Records, whose executives thought it best to issue a new Whigs album before any solo effort.

After the Afghan Whigs released 1965, Dulli returned to his Twilight Singers recordings and reconceived the project with the British remix team Fila Brazillia (Steve Cobby and Dave McSherry). Columbia released the resulting album in September 2000. Three years later, following the Whigs' split, Dulli and his new band issued the critically acclaimed Blackberry Belle, which was followed in 2004 by She Loves You, a collection of cover material. Dulli, who had always had a fairly heavy drug habit, began to clean up his act and write songs for the Twilight Singers' fourth album, 2006's Powder Burns, which included appearances from ex-Afghan Whig John Curley, Queens of the Stone Age's Dave Catching, Joseph Arthur, and Ani DiFranco. A majority of the album was recorded in producer Mike Napolitano's studio in New Orleans, which had survived Hurricane Katrina but required generators to run it.

Later that year, the five-song EP A Stitch in Time -- which included original tracks and cover songs, including unique takes on Massive Attack's "Live with Me" and Fat Freddy's Drop's "Flashback (both featuring Mark Lanegan, who also played alongside Greg Dulli in the Gutter Twins) -- was released on iTunes, followed by a proper CD release in early 2007. Although Dulli continued devoting time to other projects, including the Gutter Twins' 2008 release, Saturnalia, he also made time for the Twilight Singers, resulting in 2011's Dynamite Steps.

Album Review

The fifth full-length outing from head Afghan Whig and Gutter Twin Greg Dulli's Twilight Singers bristles with the kind of feverish late-night electricity that leaves notebooks in tatters and ashtrays spilling over onto the basement floor. Boasting a small army of maverick co-conspirators that includes Ani DiFranco, Joseph Arthur, Petra Haden, Carina Round, Nick McCabe (The Verve), and Mark Lanegan, Dulli has crafted another solid collection of murky, innuendo-laced slabs of electro-tinged dirge rock that examines the darker corners of the human psyche. Part Richard Hawley and part Nick Cave, the album is built around Dulli's gritty, imperfect vocal abilities, and it’s in the strained delivery of lines like “You crash the car to make the fever rise” (“Be Invited”) and “I get lucky sometimes” (“Get Lucky”), along with the cinematic sweep of cuts like “Last Night in Town” and “Gunshots,” that Dynamite Steps makes its biggest impressions. Dulli thrives on atmosphere, and while his inability to write the kind of sharp hooks or memorable choruses that have elevated other semi-dystopian malcontents into the relative mainstream is evident throughout the album, that sense of place makes Dynamite Steps feel less like a collection of songs and more like a long, dangerous, and unpredictable night on the town.

Track Listing

1 Last Night in Town 4:41
2 Be Invited 3:14
3 Waves 4:02
4 Get Lucky 4:11
5 On the Corner 4:26
6 Gunshots 3:36
7 She Was Stolen 3:10
8 Blackbird and the Fox 2:48
9 Never Seen No Devil 3:00
10 The Beginning of the End 3:09
11 Dynamite Steps 6:44