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    Default Yuck - Yuck

    debut album
    the Dinosaur Jr is obvious
    maybe some Sonic Youth or even Radiohead
    if you like them you should like this
    I used to.
    very nice live performance in the included clip

    Grade - 1.5

    released Feb 15th, 2011

    from the album - Get Away - 2.0

    from all music


    Having seemingly been blessed with the Midas touch in terms of being at the center of mass music press hype, by the end of 2010 -- and before the age of 20 -- Daniel Blumberg (guitar/vocals) and Max Bloom (guitar/vocals) found themselves in their second project that had achieved just that. The London-born, longtime friends were once melting teenage girls' hearts with the indie pop of Cajun Dance Party (in which Bloom played bass). But having received rave reviews for their XL Recordings 2008 debut album Colourful Life, the group managed to seemingly disappear, leaving behind a trail of disappointed journalists and fans. Thankfully, it wasn't to be the end for Bloom and Blumberg, who began writing music together for the first time, resulting in the late-'80s and '90s lo-fi-influenced Yuck.

    The two began recording a string of demos in Bloom's bedroom before setting about finding their rhythm section. Bassist Mariko Doi, from Hiroshima, was introduced to the pair by mutual friends in London and joined after the breakup of previous band Levelload, while Blumberg met drummer Jonny Rogoff in the Israeli desert on a kibbutz. In December 2009, Rogoff "dropped everything" -- including a degree and a band called Impossible Village in his hometown of New Jersey -- to meet up with the band in London, while Daniel's younger sister Ilana provided ethereal backing vocals, although she originally remained behind the scenes to focus on her college education.

    Their debut single (a split with Cleveland-based Herzog on Transparent) "Georgia" borrowed the rhythm of the Cure's "Friday I'm in Love," sped it up slightly, and added a wall of fuzz to produce what was a superb introduction to the band. Early on, Yuck showed another side to their sound with the melancholic, piano-dominated Weakend EP, which was released on cassette-only label Mirror Universe Tapes under the name Yu(c)k. Using this spelling, the band issued a split 7" on Transparent in December 2010, on which they covered Porcelain Raft's "Despite Everything"; Porcelain Raft returned the favor for "The Wall," which had earlier featured on the Weakend EP.

    A million miles away from the clean-cut, boyish charm of Cajun Dance Party, the sound of Yuck resembles bands such as Sonic Youth, the Cure, Red House Painters, and the Jesus And Mary Chain. Yet while the style was so very different this time around, the kind of attention Yuck received was very familiar to Blumberg and Bloom. They toured with the likes of Teenage Fanclub, the Dum Dum Girls, and Modest Mouse, had the drone guitar-drenched single "Rubber" remixed by Mogwai, and were part of the BBC's Sound of 2011 list, all before the appearance of their self-titled debut album, which was released in February 2011 through Fat Possum, who had signed the band in September 2010.

    Album Review

    It’s tough sometimes to decipher a band’s true intentions or divine its motivation when releasing a record -- especially when the bandmembers are so influenced by a sound or an era that you can’t tell if their appropriation is based on love or cynicism. Take the current wave of shoegazers, for example. Hiring Vaughan Oliver to design your album cover or hiring Alan Moulder to mix your CD is the kind of cynical shortcut that makes it easy for the even the most casual observer to decide which category you fit into. On the other hand, being a bunch of kids who seem way too innocent most likely means you are not motivated by anything but a pure love and admiration for your effects pedal-collecting forerunners. We’re speaking of Yuck and their excellent debut album. The group displays a firm grasp of all the things that make noise pop and/or shoegaze so great, like dynamics, male/female vocal tradeoffs, a bitter romantic lyrical outlook, and tons of pedals. And guitars! Yuck is overloaded with loud, fuzzy guitars that whine and grind through the songs, just like they should. Songs like the mightily rocked-out "Get Away" and the raging "Holing Out" would make J Mascis proud, maybe even wake him up. Yuck's axe handlers Max Bloom and Daniel Blumberg no doubt have studied his works closely, and it shows. Along with the ferocity comes restraint too, and the record is dotted with quieter songs like “Shook Down” and “Suck,” which show the band can succeed as much without loads of volume. In fact, when you break it down, almost half the album is made up of restrained jangle and melancholy mope -- and if you are a student of this kind of music, you’ll remember that Dinosaur Jr. and My Bloody Valentine always had just as many ballads as they did rockers. Good for Yuck that they capture both the overloaded and tender sides of the style so well. On the album-ending “Rubber,” they even give the sound a twist by stretching out to epic length and creating all sorts of drama and tension out of a hugely ugly and grungy guitar drone that sounds like muck oozing down a flight of stairs. Yuck is an impressively assured debut from such a young band. Their love of shoegaze and loud/quiet '90s guitar rock is unadulterated and it translates into the songs and the sound, making it a pure and easy-to-love album for all those who have ever been fans themselves.

    Track Listing

    1 Get Away Bloom, Blumberg
    2 The Wall Bloom, Blumberg
    3 Shook Down Bloom, Blumberg
    4 Holing Out Bloom, Blumberg
    5 Suicide Policeman Bloom, Blumberg
    6 Georgia Bloom, Blumberg
    7 Suck Bloom, Blumberg
    8 Stutter Bloom, Blumberg
    9 Operation Bloom
    10 Sunday Bloom, Blumberg
    11 Rose Gives a Lilly Bloom
    12 Rubber Bloom, Blumberg
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    just checked out tracks 1,2,4,5,6,12....cant say i'll put it on my "buy" list.

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