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Thread: new Foo Fighters track

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    Default new Foo Fighters track

    not sure if this is going to be the new single from FF, my 'man' at the cd store seems to think it is, and he's a FF's fan so here we go.

    i dont like it one bit, the vocals are a screaching mess, no melody or tune, music is a complete mess...this will IMO not chart on mainstream charts, its too hardcore for that and for airplay.
    i like the video, especially Lemmy driving the!

    watch the link and comment on your thoughts:

    is is a "hit" or a "miss" video

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    A miss for me too

    music was ok though
    lyrics, who knows
    vocals, terrible
    video, liked the limo driver and the crash at the end

    but we're not the hard rock experts
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