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    BEADY EYE "different gear,still speeding" 2011

    Beady Eye are basically Oasis,minus songwriter/singer Noel Gallagher.
    being who it is, this one will top the charts in the UK for sure in a week or two.
    i find it very simplistic lyrically without Noel there to write, also his vocals broke up the nasal whine that is Liam, but we dont have that now, so enjoy the finger nails running across the blackboard at your own peril. theres also a lack of harmonies that Noel provided in Oasis.
    nothing has changed musically, the music still sound like "oasis",but on their heavier moments, theres the usual plagarism of other songs on here. "the roller" owes a lot of its musical content to "instant karma", the track "beatles and stones" owes its music to The Who's "my generation". the opening guitars on "wind up dream" have been stolen from CCR. "bring the light" is like a heavy Jerry Lee Lewis....Oasis always took bits from their influences and used then unashamedly
    all in all, nothing new,nothing changed...nothing ventured and nothing gained by Liam and Co.

    worst track: the morning son
    best track: the beat goes on


    1. four letter word 1.6 video
    2. millionaire 1.8 audio
    3. the roller 1.7 audio
    4. Beatles and Stones 1.3 audio
    5. wind up dream 1.4 audio
    6. bring the light 1.6 audio
    7. for anyone 2.0 audio
    8. kill for a dream 1.8 audio
    9. standing on the edge of the noise 1.5 audio
    10.wig-wam 1.0 audio
    11.three ring circus 1.8 audio
    12.the beat goes on 2.0 audio
    13.the morning son 1.0 audio

    rating 1.6....borderline like/dislike

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    You asked somewhere whether or not this is making waves in the UK, but I can't find the post.

    The Roller is getting quite a lot of airplay, but I wouldn't say anyone is turning backflips over either single or album...
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