Have no idea where to put music like this
new age being the term most often used, whatever the hell that means
ok, this is beautiful music for the most part
my grading system is based on whether I would buy the product
I would not buy this
This is background noise for me
The only background noise I would intentionaly buy, is classical music
If someone were to put intelligent lyrics to this music, it would score way up there.
There are 3 tracks with vocals here, Can't Wait and Secret, both with female vocal I liked, the other with a bunch of letters forming words that are foreign to me, I did not like.
Always think it's funny how they come up with song names for instrumental music.
Shouldn't they just be called #1 #2, #3, etc.

Grade - 1.1

released Feb 8th, 2011

from the album - Truth Of Touch - 1.0


from all music


Yanni's grandiose keyboard style is both accessible and exciting, two elements that have led to his success in the realm of adult alternative radio. His explosive, pop-influenced instrumentals and romantic pianistic ballads have also made him a popular touring and recording artist for the Private Music label. In addition to his original television, commercial, and film scores, Yanni's music has been used extensively on programs like Wide World of Sports and coverage of the Olympic games. This aspect of his career seems especially appropriate when you consider that he achieved early success not as a musician, but as a member of the Greek national swimming team. (He broke the national freestyle record at age 14.)

Born in Kalamata, Greece, Yanni arrived in the U.S. after high school and obtained a degree in psychology from the University of Minnesota before diving headfirst into music. It didn't take long for the self-taught keyboardist and composer to establish himself as a studio musician, jingles composer, and producer. After gaining an impressive cult following for his first independently released album, Yanni was picked up by Private Music and has become one of the label's best-selling artists.

One of the most visible artists in the contemporary instrumental realm, Yanni's rise to fame was expedited in the early '90s by his romantic relationship with actress Linda Evans, which gained him coverage on mainstream programs like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous as well as appearances on the daytime talk-show circuit.

Album Review

International contemporary instrumental (new age) superstar Yiannis Hrysomallis' first album of new studio material since 2003’s Ethnicity finds the self-taught Greek composer returning to his instrumental roots, crafting a 15-track onslaught of blistering calm that will appeal to fans of his mid-'90s heyday. Like Ethnicity, 2011’s Truth of Touch is built on a foundation of international rhythms, but Yanni's understated phrases and keen melodic sense help to keep the project squarely in the accessible zone. Devoid of any epics (the longest track is just over five minutes), Truth of Touch is a largely instrumental (“the operatic “O Luce Che Brilla Nell'oscurità” features a male tenor lead) pop record that deftly weaves in heavily cinematic (the dreamy title cut sounds like an extension of Toto and Brian Eno's “Prophecy Theme” from David Lynch's Dune) vistas laced with smooth jazz and tribal rhythms. It may not break any new ground for the pianist/composer, but it's hardly a step back, resulting in a fine return to form for the king of the Acropolis.

Track Listing

1 Truth of Touch Malek, Yanni 4:10
2 Echo of a Dream Yanni 3:56
3 Seasons Malek, Yanni 3:53
4 Voyage Malek, Yanni 3:33
5 Flash of Color Malek, Yanni 3:14
6 Vertigo Malek, Yanni 3:25
7 Nine Yanni 5:31
8 Can't Wait Mills, Pelcer, Yanni 4:07
9 Guilty Pleasure Yanni 3:46
10 O Luce Che Brilla Nell'oscurità Pacheco, Yanni 4:01
11 I'm So Sanicola, Yanni 4:35
12 Long Way Home Mills, Pelcer, Yanni 3:24
13 Yanni & Arturo Yanni 5:54
14 Mist of a Kiss Yanni 4:28
15 Secret Lowery, Russell, Scheuer, Yanni 4:02