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Thread: Nomination #6: Van Morrison - Moondance

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    Default Nomination #6: Van Morrison - Moondance

    Track listing:

    1 And it Stoned me
    2 Moondance
    3 Crazy Love
    4 Caravan
    5 Into The Mystic
    6 Come Running
    7 These Dreams of You
    8 Brand New Day
    9 Everyone
    10 Glad Tidings

    Astral Weeks may be the critics' choice, but I'd pick this, from 1970 as Morrison's best.

    The whole album has an another-worldly feel, and its' passionate, Jazzy delivery is absolutely intoxicating. Other than a few of Pink Floyd's records, I can't think of many albums that are so strong throughout. There isn't a duff track here.

    About as evocative of nature, nostalgia, and celebration as "Rock" music ever got...

    "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture"


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    i second Van the man

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