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    HI - I just have a comment and a question re. same. Who has noticed that the young singers (all) - almost ---- pronounce the word: "you" --- in this way: "shue"???

    Comment please

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    ....and the point of your comment is????

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    can't say I've ever noticed that
    are shue yur?
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    ive noticed a lot of rappers tend to sound like they say 'shue', it probably is easier to rhyme that word than it is to rhyme f@#k off????

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    Default Comment !

    I think their are two factors here

    I there has been a tremendous pressure from things like he X factor etc to produce a performance which satisfies an panel of so called experts on what a singer should be..

    ( Sorry Elvis i don't really like that lip curl and could you clean that accent up !!!!! I was just saying to these four lads before you that a regional accent like that will never sell eh Paul !)

    There is a clear change in the way the English language is evolving and the clipped English Islands method of execution is falling away...............International English is becoming the norm and as such we hear how an international person would say it and up to a point spell it.
    Nice to be able to go back to trust and friendship!!!!!!!!!

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    It's just affectation, isn't it ??
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    Quote Originally Posted by CRAZY-HORSE View Post
    ive noticed a lot of rappers tend to sound like they say 'shue', it probably is easier to rhyme that word than it is to rhyme f@#k off????
    Hi - thanks for commenting and finally I know someone that knows what I mean?!? I have mentioned this to my friends and they don't get what I'm talking about. But I hear "shue" all of the time - instead of "you". Alot of "Idol" tryouts do same.

    Somebody asked me if I had "a point" - not really - just wondered about it - it's different and kind of a phenonum that all the young singers have picked up on. And another wrote and said it may be easier to rhythme (sp?) - with other words. Could be.

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