Not a big dream; there was someone forcing me to listen to his music. As I never heard him, I was kind of open, I was thinking, let's see what is this music. I remember that I finally enjoyed a song, it was in the Green Day kind of style, you know these pop punk rock bands.

So when I remembered my dream once awake, I wanted to see the real music so I checked some clips of his songs on youtube.

Of course, the music was not like in my dream and it was not good in reality.

I must give these media creators some credits: they know how to please the average people with idols and music. Imagine how much young people on this earth must dream to become a star and see him as the ultimate idol. He did a clip with the Karate Kid actor. They know how to mix things too.

Sometimes I wonder how these money-driven guys in their suits can know exactly what to do to please the most people and make money.

Or Justin Bieber is a great artist that is the driving force of his carrer and he is a good leader and know everything to do to do great.

I mean great for these 100 millions of people who listen to his clips on youtube.